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The Porn Reboot Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Do you remember the first time that you were exposed to pornography? Most men that I talk to were exposed to porn when they were 8 - 11 year old. 

To understand your current struggle with pornography, it's important to understand why you use pornography as a child. On this episode, I will tell you the four main...

Jun 14, 2019

Porn addicts are not using pornography to escape; they are using pornography to overcome a craving beyond their mental control. 

The true test of whether you have quit pornography permanently is your level of equanimity. 

On this episode, I will discuss again the basics of porn addiction to understand why you may never...

Jun 12, 2019

No matter how much pornography you watch, it won't make your sex life any better - especially if you are in a relationship.

Research shows that in relationships, viewing and using pornography with your partner over time destroys your relationship.

If porn doesn't make sex or relationship better, what does? This is one...

Jun 7, 2019

Today, I will be addressing the 10 most common lies that we tell ourselves about porn addiction. For those who struggle with porn addiction, the fight can be brutal. It can be a rough journey. Sometimes it is easier to deal with everything by unconsciously telling ourselves lies and in time these lies grow and turn out...